Welcome to the SAFE Web Application

CAC Users

This option is for CAC users with a computer configured for CAC use. When prompted for a certificate, select the one with "EMAIL" in the name.

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Non-CAC Users

For users without a CAC OR if your computer is not configured to read your CAC. Using this option will allow you to access SAFE as a guest.

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How Does it Work?

How to SAFE Diagram
1. Select Upload Method

Department of Defense CAC users should choose the CAC option, and all others should choose the Non-CAC option. All non-CAC users will be required to verify their email address.

2. Sender Uploads Files

The sender fills out their information and then adds files and recipients to the package. Many security settings are available for transmitting the package to the recipients.

3. Recipient Downloads Files

Recipients will receive an email with a link and unique password to download the package. After the recipient has downloaded files in the package, their password will expire.